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Hodfords offers a wide range of consultancy services in the following areas:-

Digital Media Strategy

We help businesses to define a clear strategy for developing a robust, future-proof and well-thought-out digital media marketing strategy. Leveraging almost 10 years of experience in web development of internationally-acclaimed brands requiring multi-lingual mirrors, regional verticals and the convenience of online-retail, our consultants are uniquely-positioned to offer businesses seeking high-quality and professional web development consultancy.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

With so many providers and consultants promising superior Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, we help businesses to first understand how search engines work and then to formulate sustainable SEO strategies. With a litany of highly-successful campaigns and a proven track record, we work with clients to define not only just a short-lived but rather a sustainable Search Engine Optimisation strategy that will grow with their businesses.

Content Management Strategy

Content Management Systems (CMS) have become indispensable for the management of websites, WAPsites and Intranets. There is a myriad of CMSs available on the Internet space today, each varying in functionality, features availability, operating platform, complexity and price.

With the successful hands-on implementation of many CMS projects, Hodfords offers consultancy to help businesses:-

  • understand and avoid the common pitfalls in CMS projects
  • formulate a well thought-out CMS strategy
  • implement a successful CMS solution

System Design

When building applications today, there is an abundance of system platforms & programming options available to choose from. Each platform and programming option will have its unique advantages and disadvantages, and making the right decision will be critical to the success of the application.

Hodfords leveraging the experience gained in designing numerous successful applications with technologies including PHP, Java, Linux, Solaris, MySQL and Oracle will offer consultancy to help businesses :-

  • identify the most suitable platform/programming option
  • design a system structure/architecture that will fulfill the application's requirements, paying particular attention to speed, resource planning, scalability, high availability, compatibility, long-term  / maintenance considerations

Application Development

Businesses today cannot operate competitively without the reliance on technology. Generally, businesses that are able to effectively capitalise on the benefits of technology find themselves in a strategically advantageous position over their competitors.

After business requirements have been defined - technologists must develop the appropriate applications to fulfill the business requirements. Hodfords having developed from ground-up several successful applications that help to improve business workflow is offering consultancy on how to:-

  1. formulate application development strategies to meet business goals
  2. develop platforms on spec and on budget
  3. build a suitable long term infrastructure
  4. create applications in a collaborative environment

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