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Mobile App usage is increasing exponentially and has become an important communication channel for businesses. This new media presents a unique set of possibilities that combines functionality with impressions (in the traditional advertising sense). Sources have indicated that in Q1 of 2012, the average user spends ~50 minutes per day using Apps- putting App usage to be higher than TV consumption in most countries. Thus, the potentials of this new channel should not be ignored by businesses in any industry.


Currently, there are 4 major platforms Android, iOS (iPhones, iPads), Windows 7 and Blackberry in the mobile App industry. Each one completely different to the other in its programming structure and operating system design with handheld devices coming in every screen size possible. Will there be a need to develop an independent App for each platform – if so, the development costs and turnaround could be quite demanding.

Our Solution

Using a unique platform-neutral middleware, we develop one single middleware app that can be deployed on Android, iPhone, Pad, Windows 7 and BlackBerry which enables fast turnaround and also multiple channel output. We also offer a tailored solution for particular platforms if the project requirements are more complex. Whether you’ve got a great idea for an app to promote your business or you want to publish content on the iPad, Hodfords can provide the perfect solution.

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