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With Search Engines accounting for 40% of all Internet traffic, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an important digital media marketing channel. Search Engine Marketing empowers businesses to market to an international audience in an interactive environment that affords the effectiveness of each campaign to be measured in absolute numbers and absolute conversions.

Why SEO?
Through SEO, businesses can target on a global scale Internet users who are constantly searching for information, products, services and other resources. In contrast with traditional media where marketing initiatives communicate to a blanket audience, SEO offers marketeers the possibility of selectively communicating to a very targeted and specific audience; through this; SEO has redefined the boundaries of marketing possibilities.

Organic Search Results Vs Pay-per-Click (PPC)
With the click-through rates of organic search results being 20 times higher than those of Pay-per-click's, we consider achieving optimised positions within the organic search results to be more important to businesses in the long run than Pay-per-click initiatives. The advantage of PPC is that PPC campaigns can be setup in days whereas organic search results campaigns can take weeks to month to achieve results so for new brands PPC campaigns can be setup to achieve immediate visibility whilst the organic search results are being optimised.

Useful Stats
- Over 90% of all search engine traffic are generated by Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Bing outside of China
- On average there are 31 billion searches on google per month

Case Studies
With many providers promising the highest search engine listings, we prefer to provide reference to our clients’ success which is testament to our difference and superior methodology. Hodfords’ SEO expertise is exemplified by its proven track record attaining sustainably high search engine rankings for clients. Below is a selection of success stories that we have achieved for our clients:-

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