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Founded in 2000, Hodfords has been the technology partner for businesses globally. We deliver solutions by being your in-house digital team or providing expert engineers to augment your existing team.



Leveraging over 20-years of experience in digital delivery; we offer a wide range of services to help you make the right technology decisions, deliver and support them in the ever-evolving world of technology.


Hire engineers on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. 

You can focus on the development process and adding value to your business; we handle the office space, support staff, back office operations, HR, and retention of talent so that you don’t have to. 

We have a permanent team of skilled and experienced software engineers giving you the flexibility to scale up and down as needed by your business. For custom tech needs we recruit the best talent offshore so that you get the skills, wisdom and experience at optimised costs and increased quality.

Our Difference

No middlemen, no miscommunication.

We are more than just a resource provider, we understand how business works, and how to translate needs into solutions. You will at all times be liaising with our UK team who speaks your language and understand your needs. We can manage developers and life-cycle directly using the tools and methods that are industry best practices, or we can fit in with how you already work.  

Our Services

Native Mobile App Development

One of our key focuses is developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android. We have a wealth of experience in mobile apps development. From UI/UX design to development using Swift and Kotlin we have completed a number of apps with a global foot print. We also support development using Flutter which holds much promise as the future method to developing mobile apps; for more information about developing a native mobile app - click here

SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises)

We have a comprehensive range of services for SMEs in the UK/US/Europe to help you get setup; services include:- Domain Name Registration, Web Development, Wordpress customisation, Hosting & Managed Services, Email Accounts Setup, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Email Marketing with SendSmith.

Website Development HELP! Hong Kong

Offshoring / Team Augmentation

Whatever your tech needs and whatever the project is; we can augment your existing tech team or become your in-house one. You can hire developers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to suit your unique needs and for specialised skills we can source and hire talent that match your requirements. We have a thriving complement of over 80 full-time developers (with on average 10-years experience) who can step in to bridge any resource gaps or add burst capacity to get you to the finishing line.

Proto-typing / Innovation

If you have an idea for a killer app and want to build a prototype / proof of concept to secure seed funding we can help. Our team has a wealth of experience working with startups from building MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) to expanding the app to becoming a globally viable product.

Case Studies

Picture This eCommerce App

Name : Picture This
Website :
Year : 2003 + Ongoing
Solution : System eCommerce Website + Search Engine Optimisation

Picture This is one of the foremost collectors of posters, photography, antique books and maps in the world. They commissioned Hodfords in 2003 to develop their first web presence and to implement the digital media strategy. Picture This' business has gone from strength to strength and has transformed from a predominantly bricks-n-mortar one to a clicks-n-order one.

Hodfords helped Picture This leverage the benefits of digital media. Over the 23 years, Hodfords helped to transform the website several times to enable our client to stay at the vanguard of the digital transformation from maximising engagement with customers through the web to transacting through it.

Name : OneDay Property App
Platforms : iOS + Android
iOS App Link :
Android App Link :
Year : 2018 + Ongoing
Device Support : Phone + Tablet

OneDay is a fast-growing property technology platform (PropTech) in Asia; the mobile apps were launched 2 years ago targeting the Hong Kong market. In 2021, the app will be further developed and rolled out into several other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, etc. in Asia over the course of the next few years.

Hodfords helped OneDay develop a native mobile app in iOS and Android that allows users to search for homes; for landlord the app affords the easy creation of property listing(s) to include videos and images to find tenants and buyers. The app automatically searches for properties within a certain radius of the users' GPS location. This has been well received in Hong Kong's high density housing because users can access useful information without having to click or type anything. Additional filters are available for users to filter and refine their search results by price range, size, property types, etc.

In 2022, Hodfords helped launch OneDay Vietnam (

OneDay App
OneDay iOS App QR OneDay Android App QR

Foody Pocket App
Foody Pocket iOS App QR Foody Pocket Android App QR

Name : Foody Pocket
Platforms : iOS + Android
iOS App Link :
Android App Link :
Year : 2019 + Ongoing
Device Support : Phone + Tablet

Foody Pocket is a 360 degrees platform for the Food & Beverage industry; consisting of an Android POS (Point-of-Sales) terminal that allows restauranteurs to take orders for food and drink, a native mobile app for end users to order take away and a desktop version for the restaurant's head office to manage personnel, sales, reports, restaurants, stock, etc.

Hodfords helped Foody Pocket develop a native mobile app in iOS and Android through which end users can order food from restaurants. Once an order is placed with the restaurant and becomes ready for pick up the end user will receive a push notification to tell them to go the restaurant to pick up their food. The same technology is being used by Food Courts so that users don't have to queue up to place orders and with the push notification technology they only need to go up when their order is ready.

In addition to the mobile apps for end users, we developed a POS (Point of Sales) app that works on Android. The POS app allows restauranteurs and waiters/waitresses to take orders, make reservations and close bills once orders have been completed.

Name : Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST)
Platforms : iOS + Android
iOS App Link :
Android App Link :
Year : 2017
Device Support : Phone + Tablet

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is arguably Hong Kong's top university for technology and innovation. They were celebrating their 25th anniversary and wanted to showcase their achievements over the 25 years through a mobile application.

HKUST wanted a very polished mobile app that would work on mobile phones and tablets; HWANG Concepts was commissioned to create the brand strategy for the 25th anniversary visual identity and Hodfords was commissioned to build mobile apps for iOS and Android.

One of the requirements was that the app had to work when the user was offline so all of the content had to be encapsulated into the app. Hodfords created the bulk of the app using HTML5 + Javascript + Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which were then accessed through a Webview window within the app. The advantage of using HTML5 + Javascript + CSS was that the same content could be used for both iOS and Android saving the overhead of having to develop everything separately for 2 platforms; however the shortcoming was that this technology had limited interactivity.

HKUST 25th anniversary app


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