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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (or sometimes known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM)) is arguably the most effective marketing technique available today, empowering businesses to market to an international audience in an interactive environment that affords the effectiveness of each campaign to be measured in absolute numbers and absolute conversions.
Search Engines Targeted
For Hong Kong, the following are the key search engines we target
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing
  • Baidu
Did you know?
In Hong Kong:-
  • 40% of Internet Traffic is driven by Search Engines
  • Over 90% of all search engine traffic are generated by Google, Yahoo! and MSN
  • Google holds 65%, Yahoo! 25% and Bing and others 10%
  • On average there are 100 billion searches on Google per month

Hong Kong SEO Services by Hodfords

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Why SEO?

Through SEO, businesses can target Internet users on a global scale who are constantly searching for information, products, services and other resources. In contrast with traditional media where marketing initiatives communicate to a blanket audience, SEO offers marketeers the possibility of only communicating to a targeted and specific audience actively seeking particular information - with this - SEO has redefined the boundaries of marketing possibilities.

With promoting to a world audience of Internet users at a fraction of the cost of advertising on traditional media, SEO is the most cost-effective marketing method available; offering the best exposure to highly targeted audiences with measurable results and comparably less expensive.

Organic vs Pay per Click (PPC)

Search engines are designed to allow Internet users to quickly find information that they seek through the "organic" search results. With PPC, advertisers are able to post up small text-based advertisements within designated areas of the search results page that are billed based on the number of clicks the advertisement is clicked. The price of each click is determined by the popularity of the keyphrase chosen by the advertiser.

With Organic Search Engine Optimisation, an advertiser does not pay for each click-through but instead the SEO experts who embed keyphrases, build links and adopt a myriad methodologies to achieve optimised positions across different search engines.

Our Process

Competition for top positions for keywords is fierce and with 90% of Internet users perusing only the top 30 search results; it is therefore important to employ effective and superior SEO techniques and strategies.

Developed and perfected over the last 15 years with the constant integration of new technologies and new methodologies to deliver top results time and time again. Hodfords’ SEO Strategy is divided into 3 parts; (i) Keyword Consultancy, (ii) Implementation and (iii) Refinement

(i) Interview clients, research clients’ competitors and analysing keyword effectiveness. We help clients to select a group of about 10 keyphrases for targeting on search engines which we refer to as the base keyphrases

(ii) The optimisation of the chosen keywords onto our clients’ website using time- tested methodologies to achieve maximum search engine visibility

(iii) Review of the SEO results followed by refinement if further optimisation is necessary

Optimisation will often last a limited period of time due to the fluid nature of the search engine algorithms and indexing technology, hence to retain optimum visibility, it is necessary to review and boost optimisation every 6 months. Therefore, our SEO programs are offered on a 12-month contract basis.

Case Studies

Website Keyphrase Type Keyphrases Base Keyphrases Oneday, Oneday Hong Kong Industrial Buildings Hong Kong
Products or Services Related Keyphrases Industrial Building Search Wong Chuk Hang Industrial Building Base Keyphrases Asia Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Hong Kong
Products or Services Related Keyphrases Art Show Hong Kong, Qiu Shengxian, Pauline Gagnon Base Keyphrases Hong Kong Home Furniture
Products or Services Related Keyphrases Hong Kong Beds, Hong Kong Sofas

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