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HKUST's 25th Anniversary App

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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is arguably Hong Kong's top university for technology and innovation. They were celebrating their 25th anniversary and wanted to showcase their achievements over the 25 years through a mobile application.
  • GoalsGoals
    • To create a very polished mobile app that would work on mobile phones and tablets.
    • To ensure the app was usable whilst offline.
  • SolutionsSolutions
    • Collaboration between HWANG Concepts for brand strategy, and Hodfords for mobile app development.
    • Utilised HTML5, Javascript, and CSS for the app's development, allowing content to be accessed through a Web-view window within the app.
    • Leveraged the advantages of HTML5 + Javascript + CSS, such as cross-platform compatibility, saving development time and effort.
    • Overcame limited interactivity by implementing creative design elements and engaging visuals to enhance user experience.

Results Achieved

  • Through encapsulating all of the content within the app, and utilising a tech stack to create the majority of the app
  • Users were able to access and use the app offline.
  • We saved HKUST considerable overhead costs, by not developing two native apps for Android and iOS systems.
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