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OneDay is a fast-growing property technology platform (PropTech) in Asia; the mobile apps were launched 2 years ago targeting the Hong Kong market. In 2021, the app will be further developed and rolled out into several other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, etc. in Asia over the course of the next few years.
  • GoalsGoals
    • Develop a native mobile app in iOS and Android for OneDay, a fast-growing PropTech platform in Asia
    • Enable users to search for homes and landlords to create property listings with videos and images
    • Automatically search for properties within a certain radius of users' GPS location
    • Provide additional filters for users to refine their search results by price range, size, property types, etc.
    • Expand the app to other countries in Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, etc.
  • SolutionsSolutions
    • Hodfords developed the native mobile apps in iOS and Android platforms
    • Implemented GPS-based property search functionality to automatically fetch properties within a certain radius of users' location
    • Created an easy-to-use property listing creation feature with options to include videos and images for landlords
    • Implemented filters and search refinements to allow users to easily refine their property search based on their preferences
    • Collaborated with OneDay to plan and strategize the expansion of the app to other countries in Asia
  • Goals
  • Storius came to Hodfords to re-write their app, in order to make it cross platform, for both iOS and Android.
  • Adopt and maintain the original functionality that the Storius app had.
  • Goals Solutions
  • Rebuild Storius' cross-platform app using Flutter.
  • Maintain and improve Storius' GPS coordination functionality.

Results Achieved

  • Successful development and launch of the OneDay Property App in iOS and Android platforms.
  • Well-received by users in Hong Kong's high-density housing market for its user-friendly and efficient property search features.
  • Expanded the app to other countries in Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, etc., showcasing the scalability and potential of the app in different markets.
  • Increased productivity for landlords in creating property listings with videos and images, leading to improved tenant and buyer engagement.
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