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Storius is a free audio-based travel app that gives you detailed stories of spectacular sites in the world. They provide in-depth audio content on the precise location of different spots. With concrete GPS coordination, users can get on-the-spot insight and cater to self-guided in-depth travel. Storius is currently seeking investment.
  • GoalsGoals
    • Storius came to Hodfords to re-write their app, in order to make it cross platform, for both iOS and Android.
    • The pipe-line and foundation laid down by the original developers had limitations
    • To keep all the same functionality Storius’ app had originally, add new enhancements quickly and ensure the apps were as glitch free as possible  
  • SolutionsSolutions
    • Hodfords re-wrote Storius’ cross platform app using Flutter
    • All of the existing functionality such as GPS co-ordination and interactivity were kept
    • New enhancements were rolled out more quickly after refactoring in Flutter

Results Achieved

  • Storius’ app is now accessible across all mobile devices.
  • Storius is more attractive for investment.
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