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Diginex collaborates with companies looking to address sustainability and Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance (ESG) concerns. Through their disruptive tech and blockchain utilisation, Diginex provides accessible, intelligent, and affordable products to facilitate change.
  • GoalsGoals
    • Develop a scalable, multi-lingual supply chain management solution for large enterprises
    • Map out suppliers and suppliers-of-suppliers, and provide risk profiles and granular information
    • Ensure potential for global expansion with version control, CI/CD pipelining, and automated QA processes
  • SolutionsSolutions
    • Hodfords was commissioned as the primary technology partner for Diginex to develop the Lumen software
    • Hodfords implemented all the core features of Lumen within 3 months, incorporating established enterprise software development tenets
    • Over the course of 6 months, Hodfords defined company-wide technology direction, protocols, and processes
    • 8 teams with 65 developers, product designers, and quality assurance engineers were deployed
    • Team augmentation was used to speed up the development process and ensure timely delivery

Results Achieved

  • The delivery of Lumen exceeded Diginex's expectations, and Hodfords was invited to develop other products and technology-related needs.
  • Hodfords' technical abilities, know-how, and level of operation have been recognized, and their approach, methodologies, processes, and protocols have become the company-wide gold standard adopted by all of Diginex's other technology providers.
  • Lumen has allowed companies to operate with reduced risk in their supply chains, irrespective of industry, and has put pressure on improving laborr rights through ostracization of unethical suppliers.
  • This has provoked change in businesses and improved the lives of workers.
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